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I expect as she becomes more used to living with epilepsy, she will be able to do more things. Perhaps you can do something quite different like take in some live theatre or take part in a craft class. My town is on a river, and there are houseboat rides down the river that are fun; people have BBQ's on the boat and enjoy the views.

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Investigate other activities that your friend would be able to do that are unique to your town. How about a trip to the zoo? My daughter is turning 13 in August and I need a birthday idea. My daughter is girly and hates sports, except swimming. All of her friends are girly too.

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She said she didn't want a pool party. I can not find something to do. Any suggestions? Check thrift stores and garage sales for dress up clothes, shoes and accessories. These can be donated back to thrift store after party. Give the girls a room to change in. They can pretend to be at a fashion show. They girls can dress up and walk down a hall as a runway. They can then enter living room and contue to show off the clothes.

You can invite friends, family or other girls moms to be the viewing public. The girls can model multiple dresses and change accessories to make it different from what someone else wore. After the fashion show, have a table with a menu for each girl. They can place their order for the cake and ice cream.

I bet they will have a lot of fun and you will also.

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Be sure to take lots of pictures and make sure that the girls get some as soon as you get them printed. My daughter is turning 13 and we have no idea what to do for a party. She wants to invite 24 girls 15 are on her cheer team. Have it at your house to not make it too pricy.

The girls could do each others nails and facials. Also, the can dip there feet in Orbeez and rose petals. When it gets later they could do a talent show which gives the cheerleaders a time to show off their skills. In addition, they can do a photo shoot. You can get props at the dollar store or local thrift shop. Good luck and I hope my ideas helped!

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Movie night!!! Watch all the bring it ons with pizza and tons of snacks! My cheer team loved it. My daughter's 13th birthday is on the 30th of March.

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  • I need some ideas for a surprise party for her. I don't think it will be too many kids, maybe I'm taking her on a cruise at the end of February, but she don't think that's for her birthday. Can you help me please?

    Whatever I do it needs to be a surprise. I'm not too worried about the cost, but no more than a thousand bucks. I want her to remember this party for the rest of her life. Please and thank You. I, personally, think that that amount of money spent on a 13th birthday party is far too much. You must be very well off. How about a birthday party where the theme is helping others? I know some children have a party where the other children don't bring gifts, but spend the money on food for the animals for a local animal shelter, and then after cake and singing happy birthday, part of the party is to visit the shelter and donate the gifts.

    Of course, the birthday girl donates something as well, as well as all her guests. They can still have fun in a park or play board games or watch movies. Alternately, they could give food or cash to the food bank, but I think that the animal shelter is a good idea because then the kids can see the animals that are going to be fed with their donations. They will not see results of the money or food they donate to the food bank. Your daughter seems to very blessed and want for nothing if she is 10 and gets to go on cruise.

    Perhaps some thoughts for others less fortunate would make this a special birthday. I like the idea of having fun while helping others, too. A friend of ours always tells us not to bring their child gifts, but to bring a donation of a jar of peanut butter to donate to the food bank instead. Perhaps spend a morning at a nursing home, painting the nails of some residents. My daughter's main wish is to have all her best friends sleep overnight, which won't cost much except for refreshments.

    Then you could donate the rest to a worthy cause, like a children's hospital or something. Just an idea. What are good ideas for my daughter's 13th birthday party? When my daughter turned 13, we had a sleepover for her and seven friends. I got pizzas for dinner and we just had a sausage sizzle for breakfast. They watched movies all night and had an awesome time. Party

    It wasn't too expensive and my daughter loved it. Well I'm having my 13th birthday as a sleepover at night. Some things you could do is if it's all girls you could set up a long table and put some dangling lights around your house or where ever the party is held.

    Then you can eat like a pizza for lunch, but then for dessert you can get a mini 3 layer cake pan on amazon and give each girl their own icing set of what ever flavor they like. So they get to frost their own mini cakes and have fun while doing it. When they are done you can get a few red box movies for really cheap so they can stay up all night and eat popcorn and watch moviesgossip Add to Page Ask a Question. Solutions Share on ThriftyFun This page contains the following solutions.

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