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Things can not, and will not, stay the same. Recent severe storms, cyclones and floods in Africa and the Indian sub-continent have pointed that out graphically to us in recent weeks. This optimism, allied to the grimly persistent Saturnian determination of campaigners like Greta Thunberg, seems at present to be spearheaded by young school and college students. The future belongs to the millennial generation upcoming — time for the baby boomers to get off the world stage and let those young people get on with it.

I am really struck by how much that symbolic fixed cross horoscope accurately reflects the currents of our time. Here is an interesting summary of its essential qualities both positive and negative:.

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It must be used with care and balance, with respect for individual human rights and liberties. It … can function both as lifeblood of a free people and as the destroyer of liberty; it can lead a people into the deadness of bondage or into the happiness conferred by freedom. One could make several hard-headed criticisms of the Extinction Rebellion movement and its youthful leaders and protagonists, eg how on earth do we turn our economic system around by ,as they are demanding, without causing massive economic disruption and collapse?

And in the meantime, we can all do something to bring our lifestyles more in line with protecting rather than destroying our Mother planet. All non-violent options must be exhausted before the use of force can be justified. Deaths and injury incurred in a hopeless cause are not morally justifiable. There is a stillness about Easter Eve. Whether you are Christian, hold another faith, or none, the underlying archetypes of the Easter journey are common to all human experience.

Iona Cross photo, Full Moon at Midnight. We have all, unless we have led a supremely charmed life, been cast out into the wilderness at one time or another. Life has crucified us all, to a greater or lesser extent. We have been in the Underworld, have known what it is like to go through experiences so severe that we die to our old selves.

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Then there is the wait, the wait in darkness, fear, and not knowing. Will we ever emerge, reborn? And when we do emerge, who are we now? Who recognises us, acknowledges and honours where we have been? And the most profound question of all: what should we do with the life which has been given back to us? As ever, in times of waiting, the great poets have been there before us, giving a context, bringing collective dignity to our individual struggles.

Here are some magnificent lines from T. Eliot to see you through this dark night, before the Easter light returns:. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing. Posted in An Easter Meditation. Posted in Becoming an astrologer: leading astrologers tell all! My main blog is 'Writing from the Twelfth House', exploring astrology's many highways and byways Also - check out an extensive article archive May - May celebrating our connections with ' Drop by and enjoy browsing its many and varied topics!

Working in person and on Zoom. Astrology: Questions and Answers Anne Whitaker's astrology archive…do drop by and have a browse…. Skip to content. Share this: Tweet WhatsApp. Here goes! Posted on May 16, 8 comments. Jungfrau and Munch, Switzerland. Posted on May 5, 9 comments.

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Iona Cross photo, Full Moon at Midnight by Anne Whitaker We have all, unless we have led a supremely charmed life, been cast out into the wilderness at one time or another. Christina says:. It was my first year in Egypt and we lived in a tall, white villa surrounded by a garden filled with fruit trees and crab grass.

The house, at least in my memory, was vast, with cold tile floors and ceilings so high they vanished into shadows. The centre of that house was a void around which wound four long flights of stairs. This void kept the house cool in summer — and freezing in winter. At night, those stairs creaked and groaned.

Maybe it was the dry heat, or maybe it was the ghosts. My parents filled this echoing house, and perhaps their echoing marriage, with other people. This motley, colourful bunch drifted in and out: houseguests, lunch guests, dinner guests, neighbours, the cook Hafez, a very devout sewing lady, an Irish poet, a drunken archeologist, hippy converts swathed in hijab, Chickie the cat lady from across the street, and Margo, the artist who lived round the corner and used our top floor as a studio when she got fed up with her own.

They hung around perching on the edges of chairs, impeccable children of the wealthy, with Chanel handbags and perfect hair, round-eyed, slightly uncomfortable. A Greek boy called Costa Benakis became infatuated with my cousin Judi, a genuine English peach-bomb draped in Biba — one of the many houseguests. Costa hung around a lot: black hair, white flares, sunglasses, car keys and silver worry beads.

At the age of six, I found him utterly delightful. At the age of 18, so did my cousin.

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Anyway, one day, Costa, possibly in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the household via its youngest member, explained to me that I was a Pisces, because my birthday was March 1, and so was he because he was born just a few days earlier. The strange energy in that house — fervid, disrupted— fell away like a dark, retreating sea. And there I was at a still, bright point, listening intently. In that sharp, luminous moment, astrology arrived in my mind, and, I think my trembling, small soul unfurled a little.

I was not just a little girl in a troubling sea of stumbling adults, I was a Pisces, a mermaid, a starchild, a creature of myth. I am not sure of the exact date, but it was close to my birthday, and that year my solar return was indeed special. I have only just drawn it up now. What I did not know then is that this web of light would catch me again and again as I too stumbled through troubled life.

Mercury, the ancient planet associated with astrologers, is rising in the solar return chart, and it sits on my own Mars-Mercury conjunction. This is also exactly on the cusp of my 8th house, the house of esoteric studies. You might look to Uranus also, the modern planet associated with astrology, and there he sits making a perfect trine to my Moon-Jupiter conjunction in inquisitive, curious Gemini.

Indeed, my soul was awakened. You might also conjecture whether the household in which I lived that year was particularly eccentric. Saturn is also applying to the natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction — a life-long commitment was coming. In fact, I was also quite unwell later in that year, when Saturn reached the moon. It was the beginning of many years of physical frailty, which turned me towards an inner world and helped make me a dream-spinner, fiction-lover, art-junkie.

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I spent part of my childhood in that tall, half-empty house attempting to raise the dead with ouija boards, holding seances in the bathroom with the Stevens twins, reading books on palmistry and white magic. Astrology wove in and out of the mix. There was Linda Goodman…. But when we moved out of that house, co-incidence or not, I lost astrology for a decade.

There is a time for things — and there is also a place. It was not until I was in my 20s, in London, that astrology came back to me. My friend Giselle — a kind, angry woman with big, bleached hair and squeaking leather trousers — recommended a book to me when I was in those fearsome doldrums that strike in your 20s. In fact, once again I was living in a tall, white house full of ghosts. So, you could be an astrologer and intellectually rigorous too?

Uranus was back to trining my Moon-Jupiter from Aquarius by then, Saturn was back in Gemini — it was time for me to make a proper commitment to astrology. Original Research Studies. Read about 'The Moon's Nodes in Action' and obtain a copy. Read about 'Jupiter meets Uranus' and obtain a copy. Read about the book, download a sample or buy it with Paypal. Anne Whitaker My main blog is 'Writing from the Twelfth House', exploring astrology's many highways and byways Blue Planet.

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Ancient Stargazers. The Four Elements. Astrologers at work.

astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions
astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions
astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions
astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions
astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions
astrologers day questions Astrologers day questions

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