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Those planning to buy property are likely to settle for a suitable one soon. Things move satisfactorily on the academic front.

Your suggestions at work will be much appreciated. Staying the night out with your best friend is on the cards for some. Worries on the financial front are set to disappear and stability achieved Health remains good through your own efforts. Journey undertaken today will be smooth, safe and comfortable.

You will prevent an ancestral property from becoming a bone of contention amongst the family members. You may be moving towards achieving something that you desire on the academic front. Luck turns favourable and gives you some great opportunities on the professional front. A lifestyle change for good health will be a step in the right direction.

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Someone you have loaned money to may make you run around in circles, before returning it. Try as you may, you will not be able to accomplish much on the professional front.

No problems are foreseen on the health front. A friend or an associate can help you in completing some personal work. An exciting tour with colleagues is on the anvil for some. Some favourable developments on the property front are indicated. Your academic aspirations are likely to be met soon.

You are likely to grow financially strong.

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You may take the initiative of joining a gym or exercise routine, just to keep fit. You will have to make the domestic environment tranquil if you want to enjoy a relaxing time. Travelling to a distant place is foreseen and will be comfortable. Resetting the house may be on the agenda of some homemakers. You will be able to prepare well for a competition on the academic front. Things begin to appear rosy on the academic front for some. Your quick wit will help you in overcoming rivals at work and help you win a prized project. Your penny-pinching ways will help you in amassing substantial wealth.

A home remedy is likely to work wonders in curing an ailment Your taking out time for the family today will be much appreciated.

HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma | News India Times

Total enjoyment will be the driving force for some today. Parsai, youngest son of Pandit K. Parsai, is carrying on the family tradition of astrology in the Parsai family. He is Commerce Graduate from University of Delhi. Parsai to further enhance his knowledge and practice of Astrology.

There are certain Astrological principles and knowledge that is passed on from one generation to another which he further acquired from senior Pandit Parsai, who has knowledge and experience of over 70 years in the study and practice of Astrology. Parsai was born in July of and he started learning astrology from his father Pandit K.

Your savings may boost your bank balance. You may also enjoy some delicious food at home.

Your problems related to throat, teeth, ear or nose may be resolved now. Aquarius Today, you are blessed by elders. Your patience becomes very good, your focus towards your work may be very good. You are likely to spend your time with elders.

May 17 2018 leo horoscope

You may also meet some influential person, who may help you on professional front. You may also enjoy your romantic moments which may increase harmony in domestic life. Pisces Today, you may be spiritual, you may help needy people around you. You may also plan to donate some amount to charity or religious place. Your good karma may help you get success in your difficult projects.

You may feel, some divine power around you, may help you in unpredictable situations. You may be attracted by occult. Students are likely to enjoy study in depth. The author, Samir Jain, is a Jaipur based astrologer who is an expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu.

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Here is what the start foretell… Aries Today, you may feel dull, you may be victim of hidden fear, which may make you scared. Share :. About Astrology Says.

virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times
virgo horoscope hindustan times Virgo horoscope hindustan times

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