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MJ Akbar Files Defamation Case Against Woman Journalist

Also includes information about Indian astrology, palmistry, numerology, vaastu, and zodiac signs. Also offers Shri Muhurta, a Vedic astrology program, and Bookshelf, and software of classical Vedic library texts. David Frawley. System Online classes Online classes of advanced K. System of Vedic Astrology by Indian Astrologer. Prescribe to the daily newsletter to observe the daily transits and energies. However, in order that we are not subjected to further humili- ation of being born to the earthly womanfolk, we request you to take human form on the earth and be a mother to us.

But who could deserve to be her husband on the earth? The Vasus themselves offered the solution.

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King Prateepa would beget a noble and renowned son called Shantanu. We desire that he happens to be our father. The goddess agreed, saying, I am in agreement with you. In the process, I shall be able to please king Shantanu and to fulfil your desire as well. The Vasus further said, O goddess Ganga! When we take birth, one after the other, pray throw us in your own waters so that we are released from the mortal world instantaneously. So be it, said Ganga. However, I do wish that my association with the king does not prove totally fruitless. Therefore, the king must beget at least one son from me who could live long.

This suited the Vasus and was in accordance with the curse pronounced upon them by the sage Vasishtha. They said to her, We shall all contribute an eighth fraction of overselves to the last son that you bear to the king. Valorous and virtuous, he would, however, have no progeny while he lives in the world of mortals. It was thus that the goddess Ganga took human birth to be a mother to the fallen Vasus and to release them from the curse of the sage Vasishtha.

In the process, she was to fulfil a grand divine purpose for the earthlings. Kindly quote your subscription number along with your reply.

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Analyse the Birth Chart, of the male native, given below and indicate the likely important event which happened to the native during the month of October Analysis should be primarily based on the standard Parashari principles, employing Vimshottari dasha and Chitrapaksha ayanamsha. You are welcome to use relevant divisional charts or additional dashas and transit, if necessary.

Birth Details: Born on February 6, at hrs. IST ; at Long.

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Vimshottari Mahadasha of Mercury starting on July 18, Area-I, New Delhi - Phone: Email: svision vsnl. Email: vedicastro vsnl. A must for all those interested in Vedic astrology and ancient Indian culture. Vol 2: to Set of two books: Rs. It provides the most comprehensive account of the funda- mental principles of Vedic Astrology. The Panch-mahapurusha yogas, the Solar and Lunar yogas and important Dhana, Raja and Arishta yogas have all been treated exhaustively. Starting from the very basic principles that govern sound and un- sound health, more and more intricate areas are explained until the final astrological diagnoses.

It consists of his further research into more subtle areas of medical astrology, and is an important complement to his earlier work, Essentialsof Medical Astrology. Reveals the decisive role of Ashtakvarga in analysing the dreaded period of sadhe-sati and much more. This is the first textbook of Varshaphala which is fully illustrated with examples. The Tajika yogas which form the backbone of successful predictions have been dealt with in a most lucid manner. It integrates the analysis of the annual chart with that of the natal chart.

A section, profusely illustrated, is devoted to the application of the various principles of Varshaphala to varied real-life situations. The Yogini dasha is the finest, shortest and the most effective tool for precise predictions in a well defined time-frame. Enlarged 2nd Edition The prices are inclusive of postage charges airmail for overseas.

Phone: Email: vedicastro vsnl. The fifth and the ninth houses are called as trikonas, while the ninth is also called as tri-trikona. Comments : Here are several synonyms for the fourth house. The word meanings indicate the significations of this house. Thus Paataala is the underworld. The fourth house is opposed to the tenth, which is the mid-heaven. Hibuka and Veshma indicate the home or place of residence. The fourth also stands for Sukha or comforts, and Bandhu or close relatives.

The term trikona or trine is used for the houses five and nine.


In fact, the lagna, the fifth and the ninth are all mutually trinal and fall under the term trikona. The ninth is also called tri-trikona, a trines trine. Comments : Here are the names for some other houses. The fifth indicates Budhi Dhee or intellect. The third indicates courage. The seventh house represents the sexual partner. Chhidra, or crevice, is the term for the generally secretive eighth house.

Loss is indicated by the twelfth house. The next four houses from these are labelled as Panaphara, while the still next four are labelled as Aapokleema. Comments : Kendras are the houses one, four, seven and ten. These are the most important houses in the chart. The Strength of Signs Of these, the lagna is of prime importance. Together these houses are equivalent to the pillars of a horoscope. They are also known as Chatushtaya and Kantaka. The four houses next to the kendras are called as Panaphara.

These are thus houses 2, 5, 8 and The last group of four houses, i.

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In the rashis Chara, etc. Comments : Houses 3, 6, 10 and 11 are labelled as Upachaya houses, or houses indicating expansion or improvement. These houses are important for material gains and progress. The remaining houses are called as the Apachaya or Anupachaya houses. These latter indicate restriction and material loss or wastage, or even loss of friends. The term Vargottama is used for the lagna or a graha planet when it occupies the same rashi in the navamsha chart as it does in the natal chart. In the Chara movable rashis, the first navamsha i. That is, a planet or the lagna falling within the first ' of a Chara rashi would fall in the same rashi in the navamsha chart, and would be considered as vargottama.

Rashis 1, 4, 7 and 10 are Chara rashis. In the Sthira fixed rashis, the middle navamsha i. That is, a planet or the lagna falling within ' to ' of a Sthira rashi would fall in the same rashi in the navamsha chart, and would be considered as vargottama. Rashis 2, 5, 8 and 11 are Sthira rashis. In the Dwiswabhava dual rashis, the last navamsha i.

veenu sandal horoscope Veenu sandal horoscope
veenu sandal horoscope Veenu sandal horoscope
veenu sandal horoscope Veenu sandal horoscope
veenu sandal horoscope Veenu sandal horoscope
veenu sandal horoscope Veenu sandal horoscope

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