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Does Astrology Need to Be True? A Thirty-Year Update

This new theoretical date compromises by selecting a less dramatic lunar eclipse. Smit, who by this time, is sceptical of astrology, tests five predictive techniques eclipses, progressions, directions and solar returns and finds that four converged at on 3 April Astrologers might like to keep this in mind before embarking on the same journey. Smit is candid and sincere in relating this sad tale. It gives great insight into the mental processes of an astrology sceptic. Just imagine if every doctor packed in their practice when a patient made a speedy recovery despite misdiagnosis and the wrong prescription.

But to illustrate the Placebo Effect in the book, instead of using a salubrious example like medical practice, the authors chose to cite a witch doctor p. Yet, as stated, remarkably the astrologers were successfully able to match the profiles with the charts in a blind test. Currey Before becoming a professional astrologer, some critical thinking and study is necessary.

On Earthquakes: Can Astrology Save Us?

Books by Michel Gauquelin and Recent Advances and now Astrology under Scrutiny should alert the would-be astrologer to the possibility of false attribution to fake horoscopes. Clients who seek to discover their identity from a consultation are unlikely to reject an incorrect analysis since they commissioned the consultation because they have no strong model of themselves for comparison. His epiphany came in from an anonymous paper p.

So it would not be unfair for us to speculate as to why the authors themselves devote so much energy to the thankless task of trying to prove a negative.

Smit cannot stay away from astrology and his chronic cognitive dissonance suggests that disproving astrology can become a form of therapy to relieve uncomfortable ambivalence. Confirmation bias and groupthink reassures the convert that the decision was right. Besides the authors, astrological converts including, like myself, sceptics who become astrologers and religious converts, experience this. The Gauquelin Research and the Parental Tampering Conjecture Where the book has most value is as an illustrated history providing insight into an intriguing phase of astrological research.

This period really starts with Michel Gauquelin as a seven-year-old in pre-war Paris in , and lasted up until about a decade ago. From what I know of the complex chain of events, the account seems clear and informative.

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It is also impartial in documenting the dirty tricks of various sceptical groups. The Gauquelin effect size may not be large. It may not be part of astrological practice, but it is consistent with astrological planetary principles. This refers to the constellation Canis Major which includes the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, the Dog Star. The constellation is not on the ecliptic and there is no reference to planets above the horizon or west of the Midheaven.

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One would think that after eight years of research p. Even if supportive quotes exist in some obscure almanac, there are endless loose ends and few satisfactory answers. And if so, why place them just past the Midheaven and not on the Midheaven? Why would they do this for some planets but not for the Sun whose astrological significance was considered hugely important16 and position is most easily worked out?

Why did they not tamper with birth times of their less 14 And the possibility of self-attribution by subjects. What made parents collect precise data from almanacs and then mysteriously round it to the nearest hour or half hour when they turned up at the town hall to register the birth? How could this strange conspiracy to defraud the authorities occur throughout continental Europe and the USA and yet there is zero evidence that it ever occurred?

And which almanacs contained these strange instructions? I went through a number of French, British and American almanacs with the help of astrological archivist and historian, Philip Graves. Some featured astro-meteorology and mundane astrological forecasts. However, this subtle single-factor time- sensitive correlation that only appeared in exceptional cases may have been weakened by induced and caesarean births, as Gauquelin believed. This is more in line with astrological practice where an astrologer attempts to synthesise around fifty configurations in a chart.

Yet it cannot be ruled out as impossible, as solid evidence could one day appear. By pushing what is no more than an unfalsifiable post-hoc fantasy as a viable theory, Dean risks putting all his work, including valid criticisms of astrology, into question. As a belief it offers a comfort zone for those who hate astrology more than they love science. Who will read Astrology under Scrutiny? However, astrological practitioners are advised that this book will not provide many astrological innovations that may enhance their practice, although there are some insights.

Yet addressing the criticism, understanding experimental limitations and pitfalls and separating fact from fiction will make you a better astrologer, researcher and scholar. I found most of the content very stimulating and would recommend it to those with the capacity for critical thinking to know there is more to this story. It provides definition to the sceptical case.

Without this book, astrology and scientism would co-exist in ever-receding universes.

Puntocracy: Science and Astrology the Meta-Science

Just when you think you cannot bear to hear another whinge about astrology, you hit some wonderfully redeeming sections. This is followed by sections outlining the benefits of astrology pp. Here the authors put up a better argument than any astrologer has ever provided. My estimate is that the content ratio For vs Against is and this cannot claim to be an objective scientific presentation of a debate which has raged for over five hundred years.

Conclusion Although Astrology under Scrutiny is about astrology, it is not an astrology book since there are few astrological claims and few revelations that advance astrology. Nor is it science, since it falls short of its own stated standards. Evidence is selected to favour only one point of view. Inconvenient facts and opposing views are ignored or dismissed. Personal opinions without expertise, and unreliable anecdotes, are presented uncritically.

When advocacy masquerades as science, it increases a growing public sense of disillusionment with the claims of scientists. But until a more balanced book comes out, Astrology under Scrutiny can claim to be the most informed and informative book of its kind. Balling Jr. Cerveny, R. Svoma, and R. Vose Lunar tidal influence on inland river streamflow across the conterminous United States, Journal of Geophysical Research. Chakraborty, U.

International Journal of Biometeorology. Prepared under the aegis of the Astrological Association. B, 31, pp. Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol.

Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, UK. Humphreys, C. Astro-Research Data 4. Waldmohr, A. Rainfall and Moon Phase. Journal of the American Oriental Society Vol. Make sure you have a good hold on your emotions before you leave the house. Horoscope 2: From www. This is not a good time to be reckless with your money, or your reputation. These nudging or very slight improvements might not be much to celebrate, but they will indicate further improvements to come! Horoscope 4: From www. This could affect inheritances, shared property, insurance matters, or anything you hold jointly with others.

Nobody likes surprises like that.

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Horoscope 5: From www. Get together with friends or relatives. Calm down and take a step back. Follow Up: I deliberately paid close attention to each of my 5 horoscopes for December 20th, and nothing came true.

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I focused on my domestic scene — no issues. I stayed on top of my bank accounts — no issues. Horoscopes and astrology are for fun, period. The Psychology of the Psychic 2 ed.

Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books. ISBN Psychological Reports Missoula 57 1 : — ISSN OCLC Relatively Interesting promotes science, reason, critical thinking, and the magic of reality.

We point the skeptical eye at pseudoscience, quackery, religion, and the paranormal. Nothing is off limits, and everything is up for discussion. We also curate and share the many amazing things that exist in the natural world, the feats and accomplishments that humanity has achieved, and the incredible discoveries our universe has to offer. Subjects include but are not limited to! Search for:. The analysis presented to the students was as follows: You have a great need for other people to like and admire you.

Phil Plait a veritable astronomer, not astrologer summarizes his scientific opinions as follows: There is no force, known or unknown, that could possibly affect us here on Earth the way astrologers claim. Known forces weaken too fast, letting one source utterly dominate the Moon for gravity, the Sun for electromagnetism.

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meta studies astrology Meta studies astrology

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