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The Precession and the History of Mankind

All these calculations are combined with the Avasthas of Parashara so as to provide a predictive foundation.

Indian Cosmology : Astrological Mysticism in the The Surya Siddhanta – I | The Classical Astrologer

Planetary Aspects - with exact aspectual value in Virupas for all the 16 Vargas. Planetary War - only software that calculates this correctly in accordance with Surya Siddhanta and Varahamihira.

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Correct Chestha Bala as per Parashara, not the short cut method based on declination that other softwares use. Combustion, both contemporary method and method of Surya Siddhanta and Varaha Mihira. List of Calculations Kala has extensive calculations, as you can see below.

Part 1 - Lecture on Surya Siddhanta by Dr. T.P. Radhakrishnan

Kakshas of transiting planets. KP option of putting the house cusp as the beginning of the house. Nakshatra lords and sub lords shown down to five levels. Tara - Janma, Sampat, etc.


Kala - Vedic Astrology Software. Interface Features. List of Calculations. Demo Kala. Ashtakavarga Features.

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Avasthas Calculated Screen. To define our terms, Surya is the Sun or Sun god. Solar deities are ubiquitous for reasons that are plain enough. Without the Sun there is neither light nor heat, rendering life impossible..

Surya the supreme light was the main solar deity in Hinduism; and also represents the Sun in India and Nepal. He had 3 wives; Saranyu, Yama, and Yami. A sculpture of the Hindu sun-god Surya.

The Tropical Zodiac in Indian Astrology, with Vic DiCara

The god is in a typical pose holding lotus flowers. Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, India, c. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Without the study of Persian and Indian astrology, metaphysics and astronomy, we are missing elements that cause the relative break down in later systems. Moreover, some of the techniques handed down to us from these sources lack consistent credibility.

Some appear to be next to useless after decades of experimentation. It would be quite impossible of course to do more than provide an introduction to the Indian systems and to point to particularly relevant sources of influence. I believe the greatest synthesis of early astrological synthesis was achieved in ancient Persia. This is only natural as Persia is like a geographical bridge between the Hellenistic, the Babylonian and Indian.

This is the first of what I anticipate will be three articles. Western culture, beginning with the Greeks, developed a taste for, and some ability at, writing more or less objective histories. Cultures who valued reason and logic over the mythological have strong advantages and many disadvantages.

Surya Siddhanta: The Startlingly Accurate Astronomy Book of the 1st Millennium BC

A linear narrative has no place in this view and in fact, most Indians believe the Vedas have neither a beginning nor an end. They are immortal. They are spiritual. They offer practical guidance and even mathematical knowledge. At the same time, the age of the universe is the age of Brahma.

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  • The infinite is, of course, the source of the temporal, but Western culture became amnesiacal about this a very long time ago. Logical categories can be helpful but they can quickly become nothing more than cookie cutters. However, consolation is not always the road to truth.

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    There is a vibrant tradition that tells us the work is 2 million years old. Be that as it may, it forms the basis of the Hindu and Buddhist calendars. Varahamihira was one of the only renowned Indian Astronomer, Mathematician and Astrologer whose name became familiar throughout India.

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