Precession of the equinoxes astrology

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It is so called because, obviously, here that the eclipses can happen if the movement of the Moon intersects the ecliptic in conjunction with the Sun solar eclipse or in its opposition lunar eclipse, since this time the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, so blocking the sunrays. Why the ecliptic is related with the precession? This zone is divided in 12 equal parts of 30 longitudinal degrees each that constitute the zodiacal signs.

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And with this begin the real matter: Aries, the first zodiacal sign, begins in the point where the ecliptic intersects the equator and begin going north. When the Sun pass from this point we have the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere this is why traditionally, Aries is the exaltation of the Sun, that mean that Aries is a place where the Sun can express himself well: finally the days are longer than nights and the temperature is rising, naturally this is true for the northern hemisphere where western astrology was born, the seasons are inverted below the equator ; when the Sun intersects the equator in the opposite side, going south, we have the autumn equinox and the beginning of Libra not surprisingly the fall of the Sun.

This has generated big misunderstandings: since the zodiacal signs have the same names of some of the main constellations, many thinks that the zodiac is composed by the constellations themselves and that the sign of the moment is known by drawing an imaginary line that, starting from the Earth, passes through the Sun and then arrives to the constellation that is behind it at the given moment.

So, even if we were willing to use a constellation based astrology, there is simply no space for Ophiuchus. Now, it is normal ask ourselves why the signs have the same names of the constellations if they are independent from them. The plain fact that the precession was known at least from the II century B. This said I suppose that astronomers and skeptics will be glad to know that in fact western astrologers consider the precession: in astrology are used also many stars and, obviously, their position must be updated according to the precession.

This difference among the systems is not a problem since, in any case, the eastern systems uses the signs and every other thing in a different fashion from western astrology, but the end result is similar. Sidereal astrology, referring to a star, avoids a problem that afflicts the western tropical one since centuries and still not definitively solved: how to manage the signs for charts drawn below the equator. Indeed, if we consider the western signs linked to the seasons as it has been done for centuries as cardinal signs starts in correspondence with solstices and equinoxes ,we have to consider that, under the equator the seasons are inverted, and also the quickness with which the signs rise on the horizon, so it is allowed to think that also the signs should be inverted.

Nonetheless the question is still unresolved. Tropical astrology is a simbolic system born in the Mediterranean area and some thinks that, although based on the peculiarities of the Mediterranean zone, it should not be modified even when applied to zones radically different. This could seems like a sort of cultural egocentrism but, even many astrologers of the southern hemisphere, in their everyday practice reached the conclusion that the signs should not be inverted. However the length of the ages are decreasing with time as the rate of precession is increasing.

Therefore, no two ages are of equal length. Approximately every 26, years the zodiacal constellations, the associated sidereal zodiac , and the tropical zodiac used by western astrologers basically align. This alignment is often called the fiducial point and, if the fiducial point could be found, fairly exact timeframes of all the astrological ages could be accurately determined if the method used to determine the astrological ages is based on the equal-sized 30 degrees per age and do not correspond to the exact constellation configuration in the sky.

However this fiducial point is difficult to determine because while there is no ambiguity about the tropical zodiac used by western astrologers, the same cannot be said of the sidereal zodiac used by Vedic astrologers. Vedic astrologers do not have unanimity on the exact location in space of their sidereal zodiac.

This is because the sidereal zodiac is superimposed upon the irregular zodiacal constellation, and there are no unambiguous boundaries of the zodiacal constellations. Modern day astronomers have defined boundaries, but this is a recent development by astronomers who are divorced from astrology, and cannot be assumed to be correct from the astrological perspective.

While most astronomers and some astrologers agree that the fiducial point occurred in or around the 3rd to 5th centuries AD, there is no consensus on any exact date or tight timeframe within these three centuries. A number of dates are proposed by various astronomers and even wider timeframes by astrologers. For an alternative approach to calibrating precession, see Alternative approach to calibrating precession in New, alternative, and fringe theories section below. As an example of a mystic contemporary approach to precession, in Max Heindel 's astrology writings, [52] it is described, that last time the starting-point of the sidereal zodiac agreed with the tropical zodiac occurred in AD A year after these points were in exact agreement, the Sun crossed the equator about fifty seconds of space into the constellation Pisces.

The year following it was one minute and forty seconds into Pisces, and so it has been creeping backwards ever since, until at the present time the Sun crosses the equator in about nine degrees in the constellation Pisces.

Based on this approach, it will thus be about years before it actually crosses the celestial equator in the constellation Aquarius. However this is only one of many approaches and so this must remain speculation at this point of time. Symbol for Leo :. When the March equinox used to occur in Leo. The major event in this age was deglaciation of what now constitutes much of the modern habitable world. The deglaciation ultimately caused a foot 90 m rise in the sea level.

The sign Leo is a Fire sign and is mythically ruled by the Sun in astrology. Symbol for Cancer :.

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When the March equinox used to occur in Cancer ;. In astrologic mythology this age marks the beginning of civilization, with domestication of farm animals and nomadic people settling down to living in permanent dwellings. Widespread evidence of the mother goddess in the Near East the 'mother' archetype in all shapes and forms is always related to the sign Cancer. Symbol for Gemini :. When the March equinox used to occur in Gemini ;. During this mythological age writing developed, [ dubious — discuss ] and trade started to accelerate.

The constellation can be seen as two people holding hands thought to be twins , believed by some [ who? In myths associated with the constellation of Gemini, both writing including literature, newspapers, journals, magazines, and works of fiction and trade including merchants are traditional archetypes belonging to the sign of Gemini. Multiple gods, such as the pantheon of gods in Ancient Greek literature, are believed to have appeared in this Gemini age [ dubious — discuss ] probably in Sumer Mesopotamia.

Symbol for Taurus :. When the March equinox used to occur in Taurus ;. Bull worshiping cults began to form in Assyria , Egypt , and Crete during this mythological age. Symbol for Aries :. When the March equinox used to occur in Aries ;. Aries represents a Fire symbol as well as bold actions, a lot of these behaviors can be seen during any age.

Astrology on the Web: Stars and Signs

However, the themes emphasised during this age relate to courage, initiative, war, and adventure. Nations during this age such as the expanding empires of China , Persia , Greece , and Rome , are often cited as examples of the archetypes of Aries in action. Also the Aries constellation shows a ram running.

This could correspond with the sacrifice of Abraham's Ram. According to the Roman state religion, the Roman people were the "Sons of Mars".

Astrological Realizations

Aries is associated with the metal iron , and iron ore was for the first time smelted and worked into iron swords in Anatolia during the early phase of this era, replacing the heavier, softer-metalled, duller-edged bronze swords of the previous Taurus Age. Traits of Aries such as 'initiative' may suggest the explosion of originality in the development of social aspects, sciences and arts in regions such as Ancient Greece but at the same time traits such as 'Impulsivity' may be attributed to the various Wars of the time.

The Age of Aries ushered in efforts to replace polytheism with monotheism. The earliest known attempt was by the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten , who, in about BC, decreed the Sun God Aten to be the supreme deity, apparently in reaction to his earlier lack of inclusion in religious rites by his family. After his death, however, power reverted to the original polytheistic priests, who re-established the old religion.

Speculation including that of Freud has it that later, during the reign of Ramesses II , Moses was influenced by rumour of Akhenaten's revolutionary idea, and grasped the idea of a single supreme God, who especially favoured his people, as an inspirational mechanism that best suited his people held in bondage. The symbol of Aries can be seen as representing the power of multiple gods streaming down into a single god-head. Moses born c.

Axial Precession and its Affects on Astrology

These events may have occurred during the Age of Aries see also dating the Exodus. Symbol for Pisces :. While the March equinox occurs in Pisces ;. At the end of the Age of Pisces, the vernal equinox point will have moved into the constellation of Aquarius, thus beginning the Age of Aquarius.

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Various astrologers make widely varying claims about when the age will end or whether it has ended already. The age of Pisces began c. With the story of the birth of Christ coinciding with this date, [58] many Christian symbols for Christ use the astrological symbol for Pisces, [59] the fishes. Pisces has been called the "dying god," where its sign opposite in the night sky is Virgo , or, the Virgin Mary. Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water This coincides with the changing of the ages, into the Age of Aquarius, [66] as the personification of the constellation of Aquarius is a man carrying pitchers of water.

Aquarius also has a double rulership: Saturn is the traditional ruler and Uranus is the modern ruler. Saturn presides over structure and form and the status quo. Because Saturn tends to be rather rigid it is often associated with the rigidity of religious doctrine. Symbol for Aquarius :. When the March equinox occurs in Aquarius ;.

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Precession of the equinoxes astrology

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