Gemini february 26 horoscope

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

A mission is coming into focus. Now, you need a plan! What would you like to achieve and which actions will get you there? Before you rush off and scatter your energy in a million directions, pause to map that out. Another reason to slow your roll? Your ruling planet, Mercury, the galactic guardian of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde from October 31 to November With Mercury backing through Scorpio and your efficient sixth house, you can get easily overwhelmed by taking on too many projects or trying to do it all at once.

Staying on top of your life will take extra work—and a capable support squad. But…where are they?

The sixth house rules employees and helpful people, so you might experience a few breakdowns on Team Gemini this month. Make sure everyone has crystal-clear instructions—and put them in writing. Let your Type A side out to play, Gemini: Everyone will benefit!

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Have your self-care routines turned into a snoozefest? Geminis need variety. If your morning meditation no longer enlivens you or weightlifting is weighing you down, take a pause. Let your body rest. Research options without committing to anything. Sure, intermittent fasting sounds intriguing, but is it right for YOUR body? Great news: Energizer Mars will zoom into Scorpio and this healthy zone from November 19 to January 3, , pumping you up with motivation. Speaking of Mars, the randy red planet is in Libra until November 19, heating up your fifth house of passion and fame. You might be too busy turning heads or juggling multiple love interests to prepare grain bowls from scratch.

Gemini Daily Horoscope for February 26

Geminis of the childbearing set could have pregnancy news as your fifth house of fertility is revved up. Just watch for a more challenging kind of fireworks on November 5, when Mars locks into a heated square with power-tripping Pluto, which is in your eighth house of intimacy and control. A fast-moving attraction could be stalled by your unwillingness or theirs to get truly vulnerable. Surrender is required at a certain point—but how soon is too soon? Some old trust issues could flare up.

YOU certainly do! But are you seeing things clearly?

What are the Pisces dates of birth?

This realm can be both receptive AND deceptive. On the one hand, you may find yourself in a situation that humbles you and forces you to drop your defenses. Say a loving goodbye to all that, Gemini. This lunation will be opposite Mercury retrograde in your health zone, making this an ideal time to rest and reflect. Your subconscious is highly active now, but your whirling thoughts could ramp up stress and make you susceptible to getting sick.

La luna will also form a harmonious trine to structured Saturn and penetrating Pluto, which are both in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house. And if you need to really shake things up, wait for November 24, when disrupter Uranus in Taurus will oppose Mars in Scorpio.

2020 Gemini Love Horoscope

The moon-Saturn-Pluto alliance could also bring an opportunity to invest in property or a financial gift from a family member, perhaps through an inheritance or a loan. A fresh wave of relationship energy rolls in on November 22, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship and commitments. If you put off signing contracts while Mercury was retrograde advised by astrologers or your bonds hit a few bumps, get busy making amends and inking deals.

The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring an exciting partnership opportunity with a person whose skills and superpowers pair perfectly with yours.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

And it keeps getting better! On November 27, hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your tenth house of career.

For those gathering with family for the U. This will be a nice day to start something new and important to you on a professional basis. Avoid conflicts or troubles with people with whom you have problematic relationships.

Daily Horoscope Gemini February 26, 2017

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces , Tuesday may be the day that a conflict will emerge suddenly. Today, every word or promise of yours will be taken very seriously, so be careful what you say and what you promise. Now it will be most important to avoid trouble and conflicting people. Today, your activities will have to be marked by multiple breaks, otherwise you will not be able to reach the end of the evening with the same determination that you will present in the morning.

It will be essential to give the best of yourself because there will be many people who will observe you and you have to give a positive impression impact. You can find calm and positivity in the people you attend to. No one forces you to listen to speeches that you would never make or that afflict you, precisely because negativity today will not have to be contemplated in order to succeed in the best way in your projects. So today, you will have to make further decisions which may have a greater impact on your will and consequently on the future.

If you make consistent but above all strong choices that do not allow for backward steps, you will be more motivated to move forward, also because it will be the only possible choice. You can give the best of yourself under pressure. The adventures you have experienced so far could be a small part of what you have yet to live.

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